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【九游会首页】王霜透露赛季初低迷因伤病 从巴黎回来是自主选择

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  Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, October 2nd (Reporter Yue Ranran) Mid-Autumn Festival night, it was just getting dark. On the playground outside the canteen of the Kunming Haigeng Sports Training Base, girls from 10 women's super teams are sitting in front of the barbecue grill, skewering and taking pictures. Huang Jiaju's "Glory Years" was heard from the speakers, and someone was singing along. "Tonight is a rare comfort and relaxation!" Wuhan girl Wang Shuang sighed.

新华社昆明10月2日电(记者岳然然)中秋之夜,天黑了。在昆明海庚运动训练基地食堂外的操场上,来自十个女子超级队的女孩正坐在烧烤炉前,,着绳子并拍照。演讲者听到了黄家驹的“光荣岁月”,有人在唱歌。 “今晚是难得九游会官方网站的舒适和放松!”武汉姑娘王爽叹了口气。

   It has been two months since the Haigeng base has been closed. Wang Shuang has experienced injuries and the ups and downs of her condition, but she is optimistic. She said: "My parents have told me since I was young that people live to be happy, and frustration is not a big deal, but mentality is very important."


   Early in the morning, Wang Shuang called home. "Every Mid-Autumn Festival, I can hardly accompany them, I can only give red envelopes to my family. Fortunately, women's football matches are now broadcast on TV and online, and they watch every game."

清晨,王爽打电话回家。 “每个中秋节,我几乎都无法陪伴他们,我只能给家人红包。幸运的是,现在女子足球比赛已经在电视和网络上播出,他们观看每场比赛。”

   In 1995, the Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing. That year, Wang Shuang was born in Wuhan. Although she cannot fully understand the far-reaching impact of this event on the protection of women's rights and the realization of women's liberation and progress, she is the beneficiary of "equality between men and women."


   From the age of 7 he became acquainted with football and went on a rampage with the boys on the green field. Now he is a 25-year-old professional player, representing the national team in the World Cup, winning the international and domestic arenas and becoming the "Miss Asian Football." Wang Shuang said that he had never felt that it was impossible. "Isn't it the best for life to be filled with'like things' and'wants to do'?" she said.

从7岁起,他开始熟悉足球,并与绿色草地上的男孩们横冲直撞。现在,他是25岁的职业球员,代表国家队参加世界杯,赢得了国际国内比赛的冠军,并成为“亚洲小姐足球”。王爽说,他从未觉得不可能。 “充满'喜欢的事情'和'想做的'不是一生中最好的吗?”她说。

   After chasing "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" and "Thirty Only", she said that both variety shows and web dramas reflect reality. "

在追逐“乘风破浪的姐妹”和“仅三十岁”之后,她说综艺节目和网络戏剧都反映了现实九游会首页。 九游会首页”

   It is Wang Shuang's happiest thing to help Wuhan team enter this year's Women's Super League with a record of 8 wins and 1 draw, ranking first. But at the beginning of the season, her form was not good. She played off the bench and was replaced after starting, but few people know that she experienced injuries before the start of the game.


   Wang Shuang did not disclose his injury to the outside world, but because the outside world did not know it, he kept questioning. "

王爽没有透露他对外界的伤害,但是由于外界不知道,他一直在质疑。 ”

   On October 2, Wang Shuang, a player from Wuhan Chedujiang Brigade, held the ball during the match. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wenyao


   Over the past year or so, Wang Shuang has undergone many changes and has also endured a lot of pressure. In July last year, she terminated her contract with the Paris Saint-Germain women's football team and returned to China to play in the Women's Super League, which caused her to be controversial. "

在过去的一年左右的时间里,王爽经历了许多变化,并且承受了很大的压力。去年7月,她终止了与巴黎圣日耳曼女子足球队的合同,并返回中国参加女子超级联赛,这引起了她的争议。 ”

  The experience of studying abroad allowed Wang Shuang to see the progress of European women's football and professional operation mode, and it also improved her self-confidence and control over the rhythm of the game. During the "Grand Paris" period, she helped the team get runners-up in Ligue 1 and also broke into the quarter-finals of the Champions League. "The biggest thing I have learned about playing in Ligue 1 is that I can see how clubs from other countries play, which makes me more confident."

留学的经历使王爽看到了欧洲女足的进步和职业运作模式,也提高了她对比赛节奏的自信心和控制力。在“大巴黎”期间,她帮助球队获得了Ligue 1的亚军,还闯入了欧洲冠军联赛的八强。 “我在联赛1比赛中所学到的最大知识是,我可以看到来自其他国家的俱乐部的比赛方式,这使我更加自信。”

  Wang Shuang understands that fame is a "double-edged sword", and if you like and support, you have to blame and challenge. In the face of fame, she is still willing to regain her original intention of playing: "As long as you play, you can play well, and go all out to treat every ball and every ball, and don't think about the others."


   On May 24th, the Chinese women's football team held a public training session. Wang Shuang was in training. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo


  I decide my own life, Wang Shuang said, I am very happy now.


"I don't want to live according to other people's expectations, I want to live according to my own wishes. People don't have a long life, so why don't you please yourself? Just take every step steadily, pay for your own choices, and take responsibility." She said .

“我不想按照别人的期望生活,我想按照自己的意愿生活。人们没有长寿的生活,那为什么不讨好自己呢?只要稳步迈出脚步,付出代价您自己的选择,并承担责任。”她说 。

   "After a lifetime of struggle, self-confidence can change the future. Ask who can do it..." Wang Shuang walked to the barbecue table of his teammates while singing "Glory Years".




New Media Editor: Zhou Xin


   Issued by: Shen Nan


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