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Tiger Fight, October 7 News Recently, the Brazilian striker Richardson, who plays for Everton, accepted an exclusive interview with FIFA.

Tiger Fight,10月7日新闻最近,为埃弗顿效力的巴西前锋理查森接受了FIFA的独家采访。

"At Everton, Ancelotti played 442 and I played center. I told Ancelotti that my favorite position was the position I played in Mineiro America. I think this is the best for me. When I’m on the left, it’s usually because of injuries in the team. No matter what position I play, I will do everything for the team.

“在埃弗顿,安切洛蒂打了442,我打中锋。我告诉安切洛蒂,我最喜欢的位置是我在Mineiro America的位置。我认为这对我来说是最好的。当我在左边时,通常是因为受伤在团队中,无论我担任什么职位,我都会为团队做一切。

"Ancelotti has won everything in the field of football (coaching). He is the inspiration for countless coaches. Tite has worked with Ancelotti at Real Madrid. For me, it is possible to play in football like Ancelotti. It is an honor to play under one of the best coaches. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from Ancelotti at Everton. I think he helped me improve a lot. He also brought the players to the game. Here comes a very happy atmosphere and environment."


"Lewin's progress is impressive. He has become a perfect striker.

“ Lewin的进步令人印象深刻。他已经成为完美的射手。

"He is a very talented player. He is the No. 10 player in Colombia. He has a very good career resume. He has played in Real Madrid, Bayern and Porto. He has the ability to join any strong team in the Premier League. He has seen a lot Premier League games.


The fans here are very passionate and they have waited many, many years for a championship. I think that now our team has Ancelotti, plus this summer’s reinforcement,


"This is a very important game. Even though it is a three-point game like other games,


"Football. I keep telling my friends,


He is now more focused than before. I know how eager he is to win the World Cup. In 2022, he will do everything he can to help the team win the World Cup. "

现在,他比以前更加专注。我知道他渴望赢得世界杯。在2022年,他将竭尽所能帮助球队赢得世界杯冠军。 ”

"The thing that impressed me most was the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, even though I was still very young. Ronaldo's goal was that Rivaldo leaked the ball, and then Ronaldo took the ball and shot it into the corner. This It is a very unforgettable memory for me. I have watched all the World Cups, especially the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil. I watched almost every game. I very much hope to be able to participate, but I was very young at the time. At that time, I watched the game in the U17 club I played for. I remember every wonderful goal in that World Cup, Van Persie’s header, Robben’s goal against Spain, Ronaldo’s volley and so on. I am very good. I’m glad to see my home country host the World Cup. This is a great event."


"I have achieved many dreams and I am very grateful for that. It's the same with Ronaldo. When I was young, I dreamed of playing for the Brazilian team countless times, playing with Neymar and Coutinho, all playing in Brazil The players on the team are the players I dream of partnering with, and so is Jesus. Jesus and I are the same (age) level.


"I am very eager to play in the World Cup,


"When other teams meet the Brazil team, they will become more motivated. All teams hope to beat Brazil. This makes it very difficult for us, and in the South American region, except for Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. , And there are many outstanding national teams. In this division, there are always different teams coming out every time. In recent World Cups, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, and Ecuador are all outstanding."


"This is my signature action. Of course, I can imagine this scene. My fans also like my pigeon dance very much. It is especially attractive to children. I dance with Neymar in the national team and also dance in the club. I hope to score more goals in the World Cup, so that I have a lot of opportunities to dance the pigeon dance while celebrating."


So you can hardly make mistakes. This was the case in the World Cup last year. Brazil lost 2 goals against Belgium and was eliminated by the opponent. We always try to become more mature and continue to improve so that we can go to the World Cup in the best state and avoid making mistakes. "

因此,您几乎不会犯错。去年世界杯就是这种情况。巴西对比利时输掉2球,被对手淘汰。我们始终努力变得更加成熟并不断提高,以便我们能够以最佳状态参加世界杯,避免犯错。 ”

"Playing games and watching TV shows.


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