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At 19:35 on October 16th, Beijing time, the 15th round of the 2020 Chinese Football Super League kicked off the first match of the championship group. Hebei China Fortune played against Guangzhou Evergrande, and fell behind 0-1 in the first half. Finally, with the goals of Wei Shihao, Exon and Wu Shaocong, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Hebei China Fortune 3-1 and won the first round.


While watching the game in the first half, two pictures popped up in my mind: On the one hand, Trump vowed to say that Covid would disappear like a miracle. On the other side, Kashuai said that we still have to wait patiently until the return of the king of Talisca.


For Talisca, I have done a good job of mental construction as the American people expected Covid to exist for a long time, but when the first half of the game was dull, I still felt helpless.


Objectively speaking, it is unfair to blame Taliska blindly. His problem is more like a structural problem-the team's personnel structure and tactical changes have caused his shortcomings to be infinitely enlarged and his strengths nowhere to play- -Just as Western society cannot solve Covid more of an institutional problem. Talisca’s problem has been analyzed in depth in our previous articles, so we won’t repeat it, but the impact on the team is so real that everyone saw the huge contrast between the first and second half of the substitution. . Embarrassed, but had to accept this fact.

客观地讲,盲目怪罪塔里斯卡是不公平的。他的问题更像是一个结构性问题-团队的人员结构和战术变化导致他的缺点无限扩大,而他的优势无处发挥-就像西方社会无法解决Covid的更多制度性问题一样。 Talisca的问题已在我们之前的文章中进行了深入分析,因此我们不再赘述,但是对团队的影响是如此之大,以至于每个人都看到了替换上半场与下半场之间的巨大反差。 。不好意思,但是不得不接受这个事实。

There has long been a saying in football critics that "a blunt knife cannot kill the game." The first half of this game at Guangzhou Evergrande was a dull knife that made people look quite [unpleasant].


From the comparison of the main offensive data in the first and second halves, Guangzhou Evergrande in the first half had 69.3% possession rate, 320 passes and 88% pass success rate, but only completed 5 shots. 1 shot on the right, nothing on offense.


But unfortunately, this team of three people lacks the ability to attack the ball. Although they have done quite well in passing smoothness in this game, they still can only turn around the defense line built by Hebei Huaxia Fortune in the penalty area and its frontier, and there is no way to tear a hole in the opponent's defense line. .

但是不幸的是,这支三人组成的球队缺乏进攻能力。尽管他们在本场比赛的传球流畅性方面做得很好,但他们仍然只能绕过河北华夏财富在禁区及其边界建立的防守线,也无法在对手的防守线上打洞。 。

Even if Guangzhou Evergrande can smoothly complete a pass of more than 15 feet with one kick in the 30-meter area, because it is completely in the same rhythm, it still does not cause any damage to the opponent's defense. pressure. And such scenes abound in the first half.


In the past, Guangzhou Evergrande faced a bus. A commonly used attack method is to use Paulinoli’s powerful ability to handle the ball in a small space, allowing him to hold the ball at the top of the arc in the large penalty area as an axis, and other offensive players interspersed around him to run and respond, and further the ball Passed to the big penalty area/rib area (for related tactical analysis see: Paulinho: Guangzhou Evergrande’s indispensable offensive axis). Unfortunately, Paulinho's state in this game is also very general. And because Talisca occupies the middle position of the 4231 formation, Paulinho had only 2 successful touches in the top of the penalty area in the entire first half. (The above picture has marked the touches of Paulinho in the 30-meter area in the first half with red and green, and the unmarked blue is the touch in the second half or the touch in a non-30-meter area)

过去,广州恒大面对公交车。一种常用的进攻方法是利用Paulinoli的强大能力在较小的空间内控球,使他能够将球保持在大罚球区的弧线顶部作为轴,而其他进攻球员则穿插在他身旁奔跑然后做出反应,将球传到大禁区/排球区(有关战术分析,请参见:Paulinho:广州恒大不可或缺的进攻轴线)。不幸的是,鲍里尼奥在这场比赛中的状态也很笼统。而且由于Talisca处于4231阵型的中间位置,因此Paulinho在整个上半场的禁区顶部仅获得2次成功触球。 (上面的图片用红色和绿色标记了上半场30米区域中的Paulinho的触摸,未标记的蓝色表示下半部分或非30米区域中的触摸)

And because the trio on the right is basically far from the penalty area, there are not enough players running into the penalty area. Even when the ball is successfully passed to Paulinho's feet, there are no more people at the top of the arc with him. Finish the match and further drive the ball into the dangerous area.


As a result, the awkward situation of [blunt knife] appeared in the first half. In the first half of the game, judging from the location map of the pass to the 30-meter area, we can see that the arc top of the large penalty area and the two rib attack areas that Guangzhou Evergrande relied on in the past, as well as the entire penalty area, are embarrassing vacuum. . Under such circumstances, even if Guangzhou Evergrande had performed well enough in passing in the first half, 320 passes in the half, 10.2 passes per minute, all exceeding the season average, but it still failed. Put any pressure on China Fortune’s defense.

结果,[钝刀]的尴尬局面出现在上半年。在比赛的前半段,从通行证到30米区域的位置图来看,我们可以看到大罚球区的弧顶和广州恒大过去依靠的两个肋骨进攻区,以及整个禁区,都是令人尴尬的真空。 。在这种情况下,即使广州恒大上半场表现出色,上半场320次,每分钟10.2次,均超过了赛季平均水平,但仍然失败。向《财富》杂志的防御施加任何压力。

On the contrary, Guangzhou Evergrande had only 223 passes in the second half, and the number of passes per minute was 7.4. It shouldn't be the data that a strong team should have, but it has achieved better results. Why?


At this time, we might as well take a look at the comparison of this heat map. In the second half, Cannavaro almost replaced the entire right offensive combination in the first half. Compared with Ta, Liao, and Yang in a group on the right, the heat maps of Wei Shihao, Fernando, and Xu Xin are not concentrated at any point, but almost cover the large forbidden area, ribs and side roads. Attack area.

这时,我们不妨看一下此热图的比较。在下半场,卡纳瓦罗几乎取代了上半场的全部右进攻组合。与右边一组中的Ta,廖和杨相比,WeiShihao,Fernando和Xu Xin的热图在任何时候都不会集中,而是几乎覆盖了较大的禁区,肋骨和小路。攻击区。

If readers remember the comparison of the on-field data at the beginning of this article, they should have discovered that the first half of the successful breakthrough data is an extremely embarrassing zero. In the second half, this data is 6 times. It was these personal breakthroughs that broke the balance between offense and defense.


Judging from the number of individual passes and the number of passes per minute, Wei Shihao and Fernando (especially Fernando) are more inclined to break through with the ball than others on the field.


Regardless of whether it is Wei Shihao, Fernando or Xu Xin, they are more inclined to pass more aggressive passes than safe ones, and the sharpness of the team's attack has been instantly improved.


The effect of Wei Shihao and Fernando's double explosion points is obvious. Although the goal directly caused by their breakthrough may only be counted as a penalty kick, their vitalizing effect on the offensive end of the entire team cannot be ignored.


The second half of the pass to the 30-meter area is significantly different from the first half. Passes in the top of the penalty area and the rib attack area have significantly increased. The team's offense is no longer like being blocked by the current of the bus, but has a strong vertical penetration.


In the intermittent analysis of what Guangzhou Evergrande can learn from the top Premier League teams, it actually analyzed the aggressive frontcourt attacking style and steady backcourt defense of Liverpool in 2019. In fact, this is what Guangzhou Evergrande, which faces the league and AFC double cup matches this season, should consider carefully.


In Guangzhou Evergrande, the same midfield line has an attacking requirement for a forward penetration into the penalty area, but the running ability of the midfield line obviously has a grade gap. Although the ability of the back line dominates the Super League, the wide-back assists leaving behind a huge gap are still used by powerful foreign players in the midfield most of the time, and there are even problems with the ability to handle the ball in the midfield this season. . Therefore, if Guangzhou Evergrande also wants to ensure the major premise of [backcourt stability], the overall retreat of the defense line is a choice that has to be considered.

在广州恒大,相同的中场线具有进攻能力,需要向前穿透进入禁区,但是中场线的运行能力显然存在等级差距。尽管后排的能力在超级联赛中占主导地位,但在中场上大多数时候,强大的外国球员仍在使用留下巨大差距的后卫助攻,甚至在控球能力上也存在问题。本赛季的中场。 。因此,如果广州恒大也希望确保[后场稳定]的主要前提,则必须考虑全面撤退防御线。

This season, Guangzhou Evergrande has only 6 matches against opponents, and they are basically facing teams with weak counterattacks, and teams with strong counterattacks have repeatedly lost goals. In fact, it is the result of the formation front pressure adopted to make up for the lack of attack line this season, and the future opponents will become stronger and stronger. Can such a tactic really continue? Is it feasible to pick up the defensive retreat from last year's 13th consecutive victory? At least in my opinion, it is a more appropriate choice in the context of this season's Double Cup.


In this arc top/rib running attack system with Paulinho as the axis, Talisca is clearly the one out of place. With great hopes for advancement, temporarily letting go of the illusion of returning to his state and restoring the king to a more pragmatic way to build a tacitly coordinated runaway attack system should be a more urgent matter now.


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