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   Beijing time on October 5th, the third round of the finals officially started. The Heat officially announced before the game that Adebayor and Dragic continued to miss out due to injuries. Even though they all hope to make a comeback in G3, the pain limits them. Miles Leonard and Hero continued to start.

北京时间10月5日,第三轮决赛正式开始。热火在赛前正式宣布阿德巴约和德拉季奇因伤九游会首页继续缺席。即使他们都希望在G3中卷土重来,但痛苦限制了他们。 Miles Leonard和Hero继续出发。

   The Lakers currently lead 2-0 in total points. According to statistics from data expert Justin Kubatko, this is the 24th 2-0 lead in James' career. He has won 23 times before. Among them, 12 completed sweeps, and only one hit the tiebreaker. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time Lao Zhan has led 2-0 in the finals.

湖人队目前以2-0领先积分。根据数据专家贾斯汀·库巴特科(Justin Kubatko)的统计,这是詹姆斯职业生涯的第24个2-0领先。他以前赢过23次。其中,完成了12次抽奖,只有一个击中了决胜局。值得一提的是,这也是老湛第一次在决赛中2-0领先。

   The Lakers' inside offense continued the previous two games, but the outside is still not allowed. Lao Zhan started the game with full firepower, taking advantage of the heat and not defending the zone, making crazy killings.


   The Heat played very relaxed in their last stand, and they played their good three-pointers, and almost everyone scored. Butler also clasped his eyebrows. The Lakers team fell into a state of misfiring and failed to score in the first half of the quarter. The point difference was once double digits.


   Looking at old Zhan in adversity, he continued to make fouls, relying on free throws to chase points, and the defensive end was not relaxed. The 35-year-old man caught up with the fast break of the 20-year-old Shiro and sent his signature chase cap!


   The Lakers made 10 turnovers in the first quarter! Among them, the thick eyebrow played 8 minutes, scored 0 points, 2 made 4 turnovers. Fortunately, the bench shooters have strong firepower. With Kuzma's three-pointer at the buzzer, the Lakers are only 3 points behind 23-26.


   The feeling of the Lakers was successfully transmitted to the Heat in the second quarter. The two teams began to fight for iron, and Lao Zhan even missed a dunk! Fortunately, Kuzma stood up to help the team bite the score.


   Marco was a little fluttering after scoring a goal, and Nong Mei was ignored when he wanted to give him a high-five! This wave of AD is possessed by Hart, and can only relieve embarrassment with high-fives.

Marco进球后有点发抖,Nong Mei想要给他高五时被忽略了!这场广告浪潮是哈特所拥有的,只能用高昂的拳头减轻尴尬。

   Davis finally found a way to deal with the Heat's double-teaming and switched from holding the ball to playing without the ball. Just after halftime, Rondo made a long pass to the basket with thick eyebrows, and the latter knew how to buckle his back! The Kentucky connection is picturesque!


   The Lakers got into foul trouble in the first half, 5 points, 5 turnovers and 3 fouls, plus or minus -17. Butler on the opposite side went crazy, hitting 8 of 12 shots, scoring 19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. At the end of the second quarter, the Lakers trailed by 4 points 54-58.


   Just at the beginning of the second half, the thick eyebrows immediately received the fourth foul in the audience, and the Heat took the opportunity to make another 8-0 lead. The Lakers' three-pointer weakness was infinitely magnified, and the familiar offensive stagnation in the first quarter came back.


   The Lakers missed all seven shots before the third quarter, and finally relied on Green and Pope to break the deadlock. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first goal Tiehua scored in the first 10 shots. The Lakers waited for them too long.


   Butler is really a great help in this game. As long as the Lakers give him a chance to play singles, JB will never let it go. No matter whether you are a guard or a forward, you can't discuss it with a back-up shoot! JB scored 30 points in the first three quarters and scored at least 20 points and 5 assists in three consecutive finals, the fourth in history.

巴特勒在这场比赛中确实有很大的帮助。只要湖人队给他打单打的机会,JB就永远不会放手。不管您是后卫还是前锋,都无法与后援讨论! JB在前三个季度中获得30分,并在连续三个决赛中(历史上第四次)获得至少20分和5次助攻。

   At the end of the third quarter, the Lakers are still 5 points behind 80-85. Zhan Mei scored a total of 35 points. Butler alone can compete with both of them.

在第三季度末,湖人仍然落后80-85 5分。詹玫共获得35分。巴特勒一个人就能与他们两个竞争。

   The result of the last quarter can be said to determine the direction of the entire series. Da Mo is the only strong scoring point on the outside of the Lakers, a deadly three-pointer! The Lakers finally smoothed the point difference, and with Rondo's high rebound, they succeeded in overtaking.


   Then the two teams fell into a stalemate. At the most critical moment, Lao Zhan had two consecutive walking violations and missed a valuable opportunity to chase points. The Heat continued to feel hot. Butler took advantage of your illness to kill you, and made another fall back. The difference was getting bigger and bigger.


   Even if the Lakers have a three-pointer, Butler is going to end the game by himself. Facing Da Mo's defense, Butler continued to break through hard and hit the board! The ball directly killed the game. After the goal, he shouted to the Lakers: "You are in trouble!"


   At the end of the game, the Heat pulled back one city 115-104 and rewritten the total score to 1-2. Butler had 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists and won his first triple-double in the playoffs of his career. Olynick had 17 points and 7 rebounds, Claude had 12 points and 8 rebounds, and Shiro had 17 points and 3 rebounds.


   For the Lakers, there were 19 turnovers. James had 25 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, thick eyebrows 15 points and 5 boards, Morris 19 points and 6 boards, Kuzma 19 points and 3 boards.


   Even though the Heat's two main players are absent, they still have hope! The finals of G4 will start on October 7. Those who think the Lakers can get the match point likes, think that the Heat tied the total score are watching the set!

即使热火的两名主要球员缺席,他们仍然充满希望! G4的决赛将于10月7日开始。那些认为湖人队可以得到比赛得分点的人,认为热火并列总得分的人正在观看比赛!

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