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   On October 8th, with clear blue sky and white clouds in Guangzhou, Feng Shanshan Golf Club opened grandly in the Lotte Valley in Haizhu District. Exclusive leading training system, advanced equipment where technology is king, fashionable and diverse fancy gameplay, and superior geographical location make it, while leading professional golf in Guangzhou, become another resort for people who love leisure and fashion sports in Yangcheng!


Yuan Weimin, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Xu Deli, consultant of China Golf Association and former chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, Wang Shouchu, former executive vice chairman of Hainan Golf Association and former senior consultant of Guangdong Golf Association, founding of Guangzhou Golf Association Chairman Li Ziliu, Founding Chairman of Guangzhou Golf Association Huang Weining, Director of Guangdong Sports Bureau Wang Yuping, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Sports Bureau Lin Yanfen, Chairman of Shenzhen Hengtaixin Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Jijun and many other heavy guests attended the opening ceremony. And together with Feng Shanshan, founder of Shanshan Sports and Chinese golf queen, cut the ribbon for the opening of the club.


   Feng Shanshan Golf Club uses the exclusive teaching system of Feng Shanshan Golf Academy for many years, combined with the Hengtaixin Golf Simulator System, to bring a brand new golf training mode. At the same time, more convenient transportation, multifunctional room settings, and the simulator's high efficiency and low threshold have drawn it closer to the general public.




"I started to learn golf when I was in elementary school when I was 10 years old. I have been supported by many people along the way. Golf is a sport worth promoting. Through learning golf, many good qualities can be cultivated, so I have always felt that it is so good. Sports events should allow more people, especially the next generation of young people, to have the opportunity to participate. This is the original intention of my hometown of Guangzhou Feng Shanshan Golf Club.” Feng Shanshan said in her speech that she hopes Feng Shanshan Golf Club In the future, one is to promote and publicize to the grassroots, so that more people can enter golf; the other is to cultivate more reserve talents for Chinese golf.


   Promoting the national fitness exercise and improving the physical fitness of the general public are important issues facing sports people in 2020. In August of this year, the China Golf Association launched the Volkswagen Golf Project, advocating to use the traditional advantages of open golf outdoor sports space and non-physical contact, while empowering through innovative elements such as Internet + and smart venues to expand the golf crowd and create a healthy lifestyle. , To promote the popularization, improvement and development of the project.

促进全民健身和提高普通民众的身体素质是2020年体育人士面临的重要问题。今年8月,中国高尔夫协会启动了大众高尔夫项目,倡导利用开放式高尔夫户外运动的传统优势。空间和非身体接触,同时通过互联网+和智能场地等创新元素赋予力量,以扩大高尔夫人群并创造健康的生活方式。 ,以促进该项目的普及,完善和发展。

   This is consistent with the philosophy of Feng Shanshan Golf Club. Traditional golf is mostly played outdoors, but considering the current number of courses and geographical location and other actual conditions, providing golf crowds with indoor, simulator-like practice courses has become a high-quality solution. It is hoped that golf can break through the limitations of the venue so that this inherently inclusive sport can accept more people to participate.


"I am delighted to hear that Feng Shanshan founded Feng Shanshan Golf Club. I hope it will continue to cultivate young Chinese golf talents, build a solid foundation for the development of Chinese golf, and pass on the spirit and strength of role models to more young athletes and enthusiasts, and become a sports powerhouse. The construction contributes a strength from the golf industry." At the opening ceremony, the China Golf Association sent a congratulatory letter affirming Feng Shanshan's exploration on the road to golf promotion.


   Mr. Xu Deli, consultant of China Golf Association and former chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, presented the plaque of "Guangdong Junior Golf Training Base" to Feng Shanshan Golf Club.


   In the past seven years, Shanshan Sports has promoted golf on campus, allowing more students to approach golf and at the same time nurturing a group of new forces. The National Federation of Sports Schools sent a congratulatory letter to Feng Shanshan Golf Club. Minister Sun Dawei presented the "National Federation of Sports Schools Youth Golf Training Base" plaque to Zheng Yuyan, chairman of Guangzhou Feng Shanshan Sports Planning Co., Ltd., commending Feng Shanshan Golf Academy for providing better quality to young people We hope that in the future, we will continue to set a benchmark and model for the integration of sports education and sports school reform across the country, and promote the development of youth sports.




“Although golf asks a lot from elementary school, it’s a harmonious swing, a green world and a green world, and it will be the first in the Olympics in Japan!” Li Ziliu, founding chairman of the Guangzhou Golf Association, said he thanked Feng Shanshan for returning to his hometown of Guangzhou to promote golf. It is a sport with vitality and sentiment, and looks forward to: "Feng Shanshan will follow the road of golf, and make the club better and better! Strengthen learning, absorb international experience, make the club a unique feature, become the banner of China, and cultivate more Athlete who wins glory for the country!"


  Guangzhou has always had a good golf tradition and is a leading city in the development of golf in China.


Feng Shanshan Golf Club, which is equipped with complete facilities and equipped with Hengtai Xinyun Eye high-speed camera sensor, uses EXTRA HD high-frame teaching camera system to collect human swing data and transmit it to the server. Through big data technology and artificial intelligence recognition, it restores the user's playing action and analyzes the problem. , Improve football skills.

凤杉山高尔夫俱乐部设施齐全,并配备了恒泰新运眼高速摄像头传感器,它使用EXTRA HD高画幅教学摄像头系统收集人体挥杆数据并将其传输到服务器。通过大数据技术和人工智能识别,它可以恢复用户的游戏行为并分析问题。 ,提高足球技巧。

   The core concept of "fun + professional", in conjunction with the simulator, saves golf enthusiasts' time and cost of playing off the court, so that more student groups can easily hone their skills by simulating the end of the game after school.


   The multi-functional hall with simple design, elegant environment, multimedia equipment support, can be used for business negotiation, company meeting, friends gathering and other scenes. It can be said that this is not only golf, but also a fashionable and healthy life related to golf. The traditional golf sport with a history of hundreds of years is opening up outdoor and indoor, online and offline through smart devices, providing more convenient and diverse ways for public fitness, and achieving the vision of serving more people!


   The Lotte Smart Valley where Feng Shanshan Golf Club is located is a high-tech industrial smart park with artificial intelligence, Internet + smart technology, and digital economy as the leading industries. Wang Jiexia, President of Lotte Smart Valley, said: “Feng Shanshan Club combines artificial intelligence, VR and immersive experience. It is a very novel form. It is of great significance to enter the park. It can provide a good sports platform for entrepreneurs in the park and will also Bring new vitality to the entire city!"


   Convenient transportation location shortens the distance between the public and golf; intelligent equipment and unique forms make golf a brand-new lifestyle for urban fashionable people.


   Throughout October, Feng Shanshan Golf Club is open for free, the latest trendy landmark of Guangzhou's national fitness, invites you to indulge in a swing!


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