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Spitting while playing football is something that can no longer be common.


When watching a football match broadcast, whenever we cut close-up shots of the players, we can almost see scenes like this: "Someone is standing on the spot with his hands on his hips, or walking quickly with his head down, breathing heavily. Qi, and then without hesitation spit out a group of white unknown objects, moisturizing the turf under my feet..."


When I was young, the above scenes aroused my great curiosity, and many question marks have been buried in my young heart.


Over time, I seem to have gradually accepted the setting of "people who play football love to spit" without knowing the truth. When he was in college, the captain of the "drama" of our academy would often spit out something to his side after pretending to fall or arguing with opponent players or referees.


At first, I only thought that he was doing this to look aggressive, but as he played more and more on the big court, I gradually realized that other people on the court would also do the same behavior intentionally or unconsciously. The initial question has not been solved yet, but then the question mark in my heart changed to another one: "Why, when I played football, I never thought about spitting?"


Nowadays, major European leagues are proceeding cautiously under the epidemic, and the topic of "kicking and spitting" has once again attracted our attention. In order to prevent infection, the Bundesliga, La Liga, and the Premier League after the restart have made clear instructions for "spitting", and there have even been reports of "spitting to be a yellow card", which caused an uproar among fans.

如今,欧洲主要联赛在这种流行病的影响下正在谨慎地进行,“踢和随地吐痰”的话题再次引起了我们的注意。为了防止感染,德甲联赛,西甲联赛和英超联赛重启后都明确提出了“吐”的指示,甚至有报道称“吐为黄牌”,这引起了球迷的轩然大波。 。



People will produce more saliva when exercising with a certain intensity. In fact, this is a very normal physiological phenomenon.


First of all, we need to know that human saliva secretion is a neurological reflex behavior. The amount of saliva secreted in a certain period of time is not controlled by the subjective will of the brain. The efferent nerves innervating the salivary glands are divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.


During our exercise, the sympathetic nerves are in a state of excitement, which will make our heart beat faster, breathe faster, and increase our strength. At the same time, the saliva in the mouth will become more viscous.


Friends who usually have a running habit should be able to understand this feeling: when doing medium-to-high-intensity running, especially outdoor running, they will often feel that the saliva in the mouth becomes more and more unpleasant.


This is because when doing higher-intensity running exercises, most of us use oral breathing directly, and at the same time, the breathing rate increases and the depth increases. A state like this "wheezing" not only greatly increases the moisture taken away by the exhalation, but also allows the outside air to enter the throat without being filtered, which will eventually cause the liquid composition in the saliva to decrease and the saliva to become more than usual. To be more viscous.


When running outdoors, we also need to take into account the effects of temperature and humidity. Too cold or too hot may cause dryness in the oral cavity and viscous saliva. And if you are exercising on an indoor treadmill, the feeling will not be so strong because the temperature is suitable and the indoor air is relatively clean.


In football, a game lasts 90 minutes, and players can run tens of thousands of meters. There are many high-speed sprints and physical confrontations. In this case, it is normal to feel "want to spit". .

在足球比赛中,比赛持续90分钟,球员可以跑几万米。有许多高速冲刺九游会首页和物理对抗。在这种情况下,通常会感到“想吐”。 。

By extension, a well-known goalkeeper once used a trick of "spitting lotus flower" to disdain the Premier League heroes. In fact, there is a saying here.


This seemingly wasteful behavior is of course not for moisturizing the turf. It can not only alleviate the dry mouth and sticky saliva after a long period of exercise, but also make your brain produce an illusion that "water is finally here" , Improve body function in a short time, and in order to prevent excessive drinking and cause bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort, you will not really drink anything.


Of course, this is probably the only one who can perform such an artistic interpretation of the mouthwash.


Prior to this, the ridicule made by the Chairman of the Basketball Association, Yao Ming, when talking about the CBA rematch once triggered extensive discussions among domestic football fans. Yao Ming first said that the risk of indoor games is greater than that of outdoor games, but then the talk changed, and he said with a smile: "Of course, think about it for the better. Just now you mentioned the Korean league. Football players may have the habit of spitting. There will be this problem, so we don’t have to worry about it."


It is also a high-intensity exercise. Why have we never seen a basketball player snorting fragrance anywhere in the court? Among all kinds of sports, it seems that only football will be frequently complained because of such problems. Is spitting just a debuff unique to football players?


The area of ​​a football field is more than ten times the size of a basketball court. After a 90-minute football game, a single player on the field can run tens of thousands of meters. This is obviously incomparable in a basketball game. And compared to football, there are more intermissions due to dead balls and timeouts in basketball games, and there is no limit to the number of substitutions in each game. This allows players who have experienced short-term high-intensity sports to get more rest and hydration. time. Compared with outdoor sports such as football, indoor temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness are more suitable, and it is also less likely to cause dehydration, dry mouth, or saliva containing impurities.


More importantly, if the game is halfway through, a cloud of white, viscous, unidentified liquid appears on the wooden floor in the center of the field, which will not only make the players and fans feel physically and mentally uncomfortable, but may also cause the players to slip and fall. event. Throw on the sidelines? Of course it’s not even feasible. That’s where your teammates, coaches and VIP fans are. In this case, even if the players really need to spit, they will naturally choose to endure, swallow or use other methods to deal with it.


In contrast, football on large outdoor grass fields undoubtedly "created" ideal conditions for spitting.


and so,


On the one hand, this is naturally because football has a higher degree of attention than sports such as baseball and long-distance running; on the other hand, this can also be said to be the "credit" of the venue directors.


During the epidemic, the topic of "should football players spit" once again attracted public opinion. Many medical practitioners and experts have proposed that spitting should be explicitly prohibited on the court to reduce the risk of disease transmission. In terms of athletes, what we hear more is "It's too difficult, I don't think it will work."


If we can say that for some medical experts, we can still use the remarks like "Do you know the ball? If you don't know or XXXX", but for the following person, this trick is not very useful.


Former Chelsea team doctor and sports medicine expert Eva had also responded positively to the spitting incident. She said: “It is clear that the common spitting behavior in football matches should arouse our attention and concern. During the game, the breathing rate of the players Approximately 45-55 times per minute, which will enhance the ability of the virus to spread in the air.


"We can completely change the behavior of players on the court, and this requires a strong executive power of the management agency. Whether it is for any club, coach or player, we can enforce corresponding measures."


Not only Eva, but also medical experts from FIFA and all over the world, and industry insiders also hold a similar attitude, that is: although spitting is a long-term behavioral habit of many players, it is not a must-do Physiological needs. As long as you work hard, you can still change it.




Regarding this matter, there are also inconsistent views among the people who play football: some people will tell you from various personal experiences and feel uncomfortable without spitting; while another group will say that I also play football, but from Don't spit or even have this desire. This also made me feel confused for a while.


As a middle-aged person who has lived for more than 20 years and still can't learn to spit, I am naturally a loyal supporter of "Don't Spit the Party. I also thought that I would not have the desire to spit. It was only recently that I started a long-distance weight-loss race for the first time in many years. I found for the first time that my saliva would also "troubleshoot" when I was most tired and out of breath. .


Performing high-intensity exercise outdoors, especially in the case of direct mouth breathing, everyone will be physically disturbed by saliva. However, just as I would take the risk of forcibly swallowing the saliva while running, other people would choose to spit it out without hesitation to ensure that their bodies were not affected.


In the context of the spread of the epidemic, today’s tournament managers seem to want players to become a “non-spitting” faction to ensure that the game is played in a safer situation, but a long-term habit cannot be achieved overnight. changed. If the Premier League and La Liga really subconsciously spit out a player and send off a player, the game that has finally resumed will undoubtedly become another farce.


Just like the Bundesliga that started the first game, although the official has made a request for spit, no one likes to mention the yellow gem card because of this. Perhaps in the future, we will have the opportunity to see a "civilized and sanitary football game without drooling", but at least today, the matter of "no spitting" is still only at the level of advocacy and warning.


After all, the arenas are open, the confrontation is also there, and the multiplayer sports are also done. Why should we hold on to a small group of saliva?


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