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Let's look at our Chinese Super League again. Let alone after the game, we must also see who the referee is before the game. This is already a naked embarrassment of Chinese football. Last year, the Chinese Football Association invited famous guards Marzic and Kratenberg to settle the controversy, but this year due to epidemic prevention, they could not come to China at all. Chinese referees had to be frequently pushed to the front of the stage, resulting in a basket of troubles and errors. The latest referee whose name is remembered by fans is last year's Super League Golden Whistle Zhang Lei. He exploded in the game between SIPG and Guoan.


There are always interested observers in Chinese football. When there are frequent disputes and penalties in the Super League, netizens


In statistics, Shanghai SIPG has become the biggest winner. In the 13 games they participated in, they encountered 7 disputes and penalties. As a result, they all became the profitable party with a 100% lucky rate. The controversial penalty they encountered is one of the 16 teams in the Super League (the other team is Beijing Guoan). You must know that they only played 13 games, which means that they played more than 50% of the games. There are disputes and penalties for profit. Is this a bit too much? Now the biggest slot for SIPG is that the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan, was formerly the head of SIPG. Is there a direct connection? "Does the referee need to give Chen Xuyuan face?" This is the fantasies of many non-Sports fans. In order for the small tree of Chinese football to thrive, I hope this is a "thinking".

在统计上,上海SIPG已成为最大赢家。在他们参加的13场比赛中,他们遇到了7场争执和处罚。结果,他们都以100%的幸运率成为赢利的一方。他们遇到的有争议的罚款是中超联赛的16支球队之一(另一支球队是北京国安队)。您必须知道他们只玩了13场比赛,这意味着他们玩了超过50%的比赛。有争执和惩罚以牟取暴利。这有点太多吗?现在,SIPG的最大职位就是中国足协主席陈旭元以前是SIPG的负责人。是否有直接连接? “裁判员需要给陈旭元面子吗?”这是许多非体育迷的幻想。为了使中国足球的小树蓬勃发展,我希望这是一种“思考”。

Evergrande and Suning ranked second in the number of statistical profits, both of which made 4 profits. However, they are different from SIPG in that their "losses" are 2 and 3 times respectively. In other words, Evergrande made a slight profit, and Suning basically hit a tie. In the subsequent rankings, Shenzhen has made three profits, Zall and Jianye made two profits, and the number of net profits is only one. The profit data of these teams is fundamentally different from SIPG's full profit.


Speaking of referees, Beijing Guoan is the team that has to be mentioned. In their two games with China Fortune Land Development and Shanghai SIPG, there have been multiple controversial penalties, and Guoan has both suffered. There were 7 disputed penalties in the 13 games that Guoan participated in. This number is the same as SIPG and Suning, which is the most in the Super League. This still reduces the controversial penalties for "Guo Quanbo fouled for a penalty" and "Bacambu offside" against China Fortune. After the statistics. In these 7 disputes, Guoan gained twice, lost five times, and lost three times. This is the biggest loss for the Super League. In other words, Guoan has encountered the most controversies and suffered the most. Guoan is regarded as the "Dou E" of the Chinese Super League, and no one will object to it. In this regard, netizens have a classic comment-you always stalk your wool on a sheep, making it look like Ge You, who can’t tell? After encountering a controversial penalty in the match against SIPG, Guoan stated on its official Weibo: "Haha"! These two words have a profound meaning.


Wu Jingui was also angry about Zhang Lei's sentence


Guoan has "injustices", but they are still happy compared to them. After all, they have made two more profits in seven disputes. Guangzhou R&F, Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Tianjin Teda and Qingdao Huanghai encountered disputes in the Super League and they all suffered. R&F and Yongchang performed well, and at the same time, they only had one dispute and penalty, so they can be relieved. Tianjin Teda and Qingdao Huanghai, who are at the bottom of the Suzhou Division, are a little confused. Both teams encountered three disputed penalties each, and they both became victims. If TEDA owes too much, it must play a relegation match, and there is no need to care about it. So, if the newly promoted Huang Hai gets 3 more points through the controversial penalty, he may still be able to enter the championship group!


Wu Jingui was very angry and let Zhang Lei touch his conscience


In fact, I have to talk about Shanghai Shenhua and Shandong Luneng. They encountered 6 and 4 disputes in their 13 rounds. Shenhua, who is also a team from Shanghai Beach, has made 2 gains and suffered 4 losses in 6 disputes. The degree of injustice is a bit like Beijing Guoan. Shandong Luneng’s four disputed penalties have only one profit, and the other three are the losers. For the difference between profit and loss, Guoan, TEDA, and Huanghai top the list (all -3), followed by Shenhua and Luneng (-2).


In fact, football matches change rapidly, which brings great difficulty to referees' judgments, which can be understood by anyone. However, when we think that luck may also be rain and dew, SIPG is particularly popular, Guoan is particularly disadvantaged, TEDA and Huanghai have never been lucky. Is this just a coincidence? Jin Zhiyang, a famous football player and former head coach of the Guoan team, once said: "This time we have suffered a loss, but you should imagine that when we take advantage, our mentality can be calmer at this time." But in fact, as a total loss Guoan, TEDA, and Huang Hai must have the urge to swallow this breath...


In fact, with so many controversial penalties in the Super League this season, the level of individual referees can no longer be used as an excuse. If the referee collectively has multiple disputes and penalties, it must be the management omission of the Chinese Football Association in referee training, selection, and supervision. Therefore, referees with misjudgments should be criticized, but only criticizing them will not help. The Chinese Football Association must improve its management ability to completely solve the problem of collective referees and repeated low-level errors.


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